Do you have a song list I can choose from?

Yes, select song list icon from our homepage. We provide a song list consisting of 600 most requested songs presented by song category. In addition to the list, we have thousands of songs in our song library.

When is the payment for services due and what types of payment do you accept?

A signed contract and a non-refundable $175 deposit are required to reserve your date. The balance is due two weeks prior to your event. For your convenience, payment can be made securely online! Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit cards are accepted. We also accept checks, money orders, and cash.

Do you have to advertise your Shamrock Sounds Logo for your DJ booth?

When walking into an establishment, it is nice to know who the entertainment is especially if they are great! The sign can be removed if you wish for it not to be displayed. Please ask us and we will gladly remove it.

How soon before the event will you arrive?

Generally, we like to arrive 1-2 hours before scheduled start time. It takes a minimum of 1 hour to set-up.

Do you take breaks?

No. It’s non-stop music all night long with no breaks!

Can I tell you specific songs I don’t want played?

Absolutely! Very important is the Do Not Play List and the Must Play List. We want you and your guests to have fun and the best way to achieve that goal is for you to have input in selecting a great selection of music that all can get up and dance to all night!

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, extra equipment is brought for back-up in case of equipment failure.

Do you have references?

Yes. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials and find out what great things our customers have said about Shamrock Sounds!

Do you provide a written contract for your services?

Yes, two copies of the contract are sent to be signed and returned with a non-refundable deposit. When we receive the signed contract, we will sign it, and mail it back to you for your records. This will serve as notification that your event is on our books and has been properly received.

What if we would like the DJ to play an extra half hour or hour beyond the contracted time?

The cost is an extra $50/half hour or $100/hr payable to the DJ at the time of the event. Keep in mind, any extra time must be approved by the banquet facility manager before we can honor your request.

What happens if the DJ gets sick or some tragic event happens in their life, do we have a back-up?

Since the start of business, Shamrock Sounds has never missed or been late to any event. Not to say that this couldn’t happen. However, if it would, I have worked with other professional Disc Jockey companies in the Columbus area and I would find you a replacement. Should the DJ fail to perform to your satisfaction, I would gladly refund your money!

Do you use a computer or CD Players?

Both are built into the sound system. Primarily, the computer, and commercial MP3 players are used to play music. No skipping and songs can be searched quickly!

What if we would like a song played you don’t have, can we provide the music to you?

Absolutely. It is best to provide the song to us in audio CD format or MP3 format before your event to ensure it functions properly with our equipment.

Will the DJ take requests from our guests?

Sure, if you would like for us to take requests, we will mix them in with your pre-selected songs. If a guest asks for a song on your do not play list, we will honor your request.

Are there any special needs for the DJ’s equipment that we need to provide?

A 6-8 ft table skirted and located near a source of electricity. Two separate electric outlets on different circuits (one to run the sound system and other to run lighting). Adequate floor space (10 × 10ft) is needed to set up the sound and lighting system. In the event these requirements are not supplied, Shamrock Sounds reserves the right to set up whatever equipment possible in the given environment, at no financial penalty to Shamrock Sounds.

Does a meal need to be provided to the DJ?

Certainly, this is not a requirement but a common courtesy and very much appreciated. Please keep in mind 8-10 hours will have elapsed from the time the DJ starts setting up to tearing down and exits the facility.

Can the DJ provide music for our wedding ceremony?

Yes, we offer a couple of price options in providing ceremonial music. Please contact us to discuss.